Arkadia1981 Sticker Pack - Arkadia1981
Arkadia1981 Sticker Pack - Arkadia1981


Arkadia1981 Sticker Pack

Everyone loves some laptop tattoos. Place these Miami flavored stickers on your Moleskine, sports bottle or your city bike!

The sticker pack comes with:

  1. Retro Miami — Fan favorite, with a bit of 80s Miami nostalgia.
  2. God is a designer.™ — The original mantra in all it’s Helvetica type-treatment.
  3. Graphic Design Word Art — In true Windows 95 fashion.
  4. Cafecito — In Miami, 3:05 is cafecito time.
  5. Outrun Retro Sun — A staple of synthwave vibes.
  6. Miami Lettering — Hand-lettered and full of Miami flavor.