Who We're Donating To

Thank you for your interest and/or donation if you've already made one! We are committed to Puerto Rico and have chosen to send 100% of the proceeds to Maria: Puerto Rico Real-Time Recovery Fund managed by ConPRmetidos and Foundation for Puerto Rico.

About This Fund:

100% of donations will go exclusively to long-term relief for the victims of catastrophic Hurricane María in Puerto Rico.

  • Maria is “the fifth strongest hurricane to hit the United States” (NASA). Puerto Rico's largest natural disaster in one century.
  • The entire power grid is offline.
  • Communications are scarce.
  • 80% of the island is without water service 

This fund has been organized and is managed by the non-profit ConPRmetidos in partnership with Foundation for Puerto Rico, a 501(c)(3) corporation, which is acting as the fiscal sponsor.

Where is the money going?

ConPRmetidos and Foundation for Puerto Rico will be financing:

  1. Needs assessment efforts
  2. Long-term structural repairs to the most vulnerable communities
  3. Power as a service
For more information on how your donation will be used: download this Detailed PDF or visit HelpPRdespacito.com.

    Why We Selected This Fund:

    As natives to Puerto Rico, we wanted our efforts to go beyond immediate relief because we understand Puerto Rico's recovery will be an extended one. We personally reached out to ConPRMetidos thanks to our friends at Parallel18. Together we're supporting a better future for Puerto Rico.