A81 独創的衣服 / Make Beautiful Things Drop F/W2019

Arkadia1981 Sticker Pack
Arkadia1981 Sticker Pack


Arkadia1981 Sticker Pack

Everyone loves some laptop tattoos. Place these Miami flavored stickers on your Moleskine, sports bottle or your city bike!

The sticker pack comes with:

  1. Retro Miami — Fan favorite, with a bit of 80s Miami nostalgia.
  2. God is a designer.™ — The original mantra in all it’s Helvetica type-treatment.
  3. Graphic Design Word Art — In true Windows 95 fashion.
  4. Cafecito — In Miami, 3:05 is cafecito time.
  5. Outrun Retro Sun — A staple of synthwave vibes.
  6. Miami Lettering — Hand-lettered and full of Miami flavor.